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Introducing RAPID CLOSE



Rapid CloseTM  delivers a seamless signing experience by allowing borrowers to electronically sign most of their closing documents before closing.

When closing a loan with Rapid CloseTM, borrowers can sign all eligible documents electronically through mobile, desktop or smart tablet, prior to closing, which leaves them with a limited amount of paperwork to sign at their closing appointment. Rapid CloseTM saves time, allows borrowers to review documents and ask questions before closing, and gets them to the finish line even faster!

There are 5 Simple Steps to Rapid CloseTM

  1. Get An Invitation: Borrowers will receive an email to access their closing package prior to their scheduled closing date.
  2. Review Documents: After a quick account setup, borrowers will be able to review all of their loan documents prior to the closing date.
  3. eSign Documents: On the day of their closing, borrowers can electronically sign all eligible documents in advance of their in-person meeting.
  4. Documents Are Sent: Borrowers e-signed documents are then shared with their mortgage consultant and all necessary parties.
  5. Rapid CloseTM: Borrowers sign the remainder of their documents and complete the closing in-person!

On August 12th, Rapid CloseTM has launched in the following states: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana,  Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia. It has already been successful in Minnesota with almost 400 hybrid closings! 

On September 15th, Rapid CloseTM will be officially launched nationwide.

Let us help you close your loan FASTER and EASIER with Rapid CloseTM!
Contact your local mortgage consultant for more details. 



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