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Expert Update - 11.23.21

Express Your Gratitude with Free Pie

No holiday celebration is complete without pie! Start a new tradition by hosting a free pie giveaway for current and past clients. Keep expenses down with cheap-but-tasty pies from Costco or Sam's Club or collaborate with a local bakery and support a small business in your community.

Schedule an open house a couple of days before the holiday, then ask invitees to RSVP with their flavor of choice or offer a selection to choose from when they pick up their pie. The most popular pies for Thanksgiving? Apple, pecan, sweet potato, or traditional pumpkin, of course.1


4 Tips for Expanding Your Network

Networking is a crucial skill for building your real estate business -- but how can you use it to your full advantage? Here are four ways to connect with the right people:2

  1. Be a good listener. Good networkers are also great listeners. People remember when you turn the conversational spotlight on them instead of yourself.
  2. Always be sincere. Meaningful connections start with authenticity. Don't be afraid to be yourself when you meet someone new.
  3. Remain aware of your body language. Body language speaks volumes when it comes to a first impression. When networking, monitor your eye contact, arm movements, stance, posture, and facial expressions. Are they giving "warm and inviting" vibes to potential connections?
  4. Reach out after an event. Follow up with new acquaintances with a post-event note or email. You could even send a small, personalized gift based on something they mentioned in your conversation.


Winning Behaviors for Growing Your Team

Expanding your team is exciting, but it can also cause headaches for many real estate agents. (They call them "growing pains" for a reason.) Avoid making mistakes during periods of growth with a few smart moves.

For example, a written plan ensures everyone is on the same page. It should include financial goals, a defined team structure, and a clear description of team members' roles. Implementing a repeatable and duplicatable system will make it easier to create a consistent experience and allow you to delegate tasks as your team gets bigger.

Most importantly, always lead by example; your team is looking to you to set the tone.3


Want More Hours in Your Day? Consider Outsourcing

If you find yourself focused more on administrative tasks than serving your clients, it could be time to outsource. Agents utilize remote workers to complete various tasks, including virtual assistants, freelance designers, social media experts, and accountants or bookkeepers.

Delegating these tasks allows agents to spend more time on business-building activities. Start by identifying potential items to outsource and decide what kind of worker you need to hire. Then fill your position by connecting with other agents or people within your network for referrals and recommendations.4


Building Your 2022 Marketing Budget

With the new year is fast approaching, it's time to start thinking about how to spend your marketing dollars in 2022. Your budget will account for a mix of tactics, including print, digital, social media, direct mail, events, and more. Here are our tips for allocating funds wisely:5

  1. Focus on the long-term. View marketing as an investment, not an expense. Choose marketing activities that support your long-term goals and move your business forward.
  2. Start planning early. The last six weeks of the year are busy, and planning can be easy to put off. By starting now, you'll have time to dig into the numbers and create a well-thought-out strategy.
  3. Set clear intentions. What do you want to accomplish over the next 12 months? Establish key milestones, then choose marketing strategies to help you reach them.
  4. Know your numbers. Analyzing your marketing campaigns lets you know if they're effective or if you need to make changes. Consider investing a portion of your budget into tracking tools that show you exactly how many people you're reaching, like Google Analytics or Sprout Social.



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